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Vote in Green County today

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If you are new to the area, you might be wondering where to vote. My Vote Wisconsin will let you enter your address to find out the location of your polling station to vote in Green County. If you think you may have registered, you can check your registration status. They also have sample ballots so that you can find out all about the current electoral districts and office holders for your location.

Wisconsin is a very easy state to register to vote in, so even if you have not registered yet, do not worry. You can still register at the polling station on Election Day. You will need proof of residence in order to register, though.

Proof of residence must include your full name and current address and be valid on election day in order to vote in Green County and Wisconsin. Proof of residence may be one of the following:

Vote in Green County

• A current residential lease;
• Any utility bill (online cell-phone bill print-outs count!) from the past 90 days;
• A bank statement;
• A paycheck;
• A property tax bill from either the current year or the year preceding the date of the election;
• Any check or document issued by a unit of government [for students attending a UW school, this includes any letter sent to students by the school].
• Student photo ID (If you live in a university-owned dorm, it doesn’t need your address, but you must also present a fee reciept that is dated within the last nine months)

Need more information? Check the Registration and Voting website for Wisconsin.

Remember, if you have to go late and the lines are long, stay in line. As long as you are in line at the time the polls close and do not leave the line, you must be allowed to vote.

Go. Vote. Today.

Don’t give up your rights because the polling place is in an inconvenient location, because you have to take the kids with your or because it take time. Make your voice heard.

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